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Continuously in operation since 1979, AeroMedical has earned an impeccable reputation of providing high quality air ambulance equipage solutions to civilian, government, NGO, and military operators across the globe.

With FAA STCs for over 2600 different aircraft configurations, as well as a wide offering of PMA’d equipment for our clients, we’re well positioned to meet the needs of most any customer.

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Our Service

While we offer full selection of off the shelf ‘plug and play’ type air ambulance solutions, our unique specialty is engineering high value custom designed solutions for clients who require a special fit or additional capabilities for their application.

Many of our designs are manufactured using lightweight honeycomb aluminum, making them extremely lightweight and durable.

In addition to our custom stretcher solutions, AeroMedical also offers quality engineered designs for patient loading platforms, including our electrically operated power loader for littered patients.

Our typical delivery time for a single ship-set is typically in the range of 5 – 6 weeks.*

Aero Medical Stackable Stretcher Unit

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