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Aero Medical - MedBed


The only equipment that complies with the 21g dynamic load requirements of 14 CFR Part 23.562/14 CFR Part 25.562 amendment 64.

Aero Medical - MedBed

Innovative Technology

The MedStar features everything our classic series offers, but with added improvements. Built with weight in mind, our engineers crafted the lightest aircraft medical bed in the industry. The MedStar has also gained a user-friendly accurate digital control.

MedStar” air ambulance system is the only equipment that complies with the 21g dynamic load requirements of 14 CFR Part 23.562/14 CFR Part 25.562 amendment 64.

Honeycomb Aluminum

The lightest Model Ever

Designed with a honeycomb aluminum structure, the MedStar series can meet fixed wing and helicopter requirements. Unlike steel frames,  the honeycomb aluminum has the advantage of being molded with rivets and epoxy to form the MedStar Unit.

Fully Customizable

Since all orders are custom built, most features can be modified for any situation.
Please call us for custom design solutions.

Technical Details

Featured on both MedStar & Classic series

  • True 10-minute installation and removal
  • Designs that fit small floor-to-ceiling height aircrafts
  • Optional custom bases with drawer or shelf storage capacity
  • 115 – 230 vac inverters
  • 330 – 1500 watts
  • Two or four electric outlets on the face or end cap of the base unit
  • Simple wiring to the aircraft’s electric bus
  • Lighted On / Off switches or Optional Digital Display
  • Circuit breaker protected.
  • The Wiring Kit brings power from the aircraft’s electrical system to the cabin to connect the Medstar or Classic base unit inverter. 
  • Remote fill port either on the face or end of the base
  • Secured oxygen cylinders with capacities of 3500 to 10000 liters
  • Easy to read Oxygen Remaining gauge
  • Oxygen outlets; flow meter receptacle, 50 psi DISS, special order outlets
  • Optional European High-Pressure cylinders and plumbing
  • Optional Kevlar tanks available
  • Pumps are seperate from inverter operations & are wired for 28v
  • Vacuum pump makes 20 inches (508 mm) Hg of suction at 3.3 amps
  • Compressed air pump delivers 19.8 liters per minute at 3.3 amps
  • Convenient lighted On / Off switch
  • Medical gas outlet
  • Circuit breaker protected
  • Stretcher is built from honeycomb and tubular steel
  • Mattress is fire blocked and covered in a very durable fabric
  • Mattress padding is available from 2” thick to 6” thick
  • Stretcher locks into the base unit the same as car doors close & lock
  • Four point upper torso harness and lap and leg belts
  • Stretcher is tapered head and foot, preventing scraping the aircraft doorseals and side walls
  • Extra wide stretchers available for larger patients
  • Up to four drawers or shelves in a base unit with locking assembly
  • Lip and curtain restraint
  • Overhead and vertical Patient Care Centers
  • Outlets for air, oxygen, vacuum and electrical
  • Flexible LED lighting to assist with patient care
  • No across the patient cables
  • No across the stretcher platform inhibiting stretcher loading and unloading

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